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Rebecca Cusey Complains and Entertains in “Long, Boring Mess

In response to Rebecca Cusey’s 730‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Patheos

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Phew! You’ll probably need to take a deep breath after reading Rebecca Cusey’s “Review: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is a Long, Boring Mess. ‘” To say that this critic does not like this film (no spoiler here, since it’s in the review’s title) is like asking the proverbial question of what bears do in the woods. It’s obvious she doesn’t like this movie, and she says it again and again and again in one long, unrelenting rant.

Not that reading this isn’t entertaining. Actually, it is. Some very entertaining reviews are negative rants, and Cusey has some ability in this area.

But she does make two mistakes. The first is starting off by saying, “It may be sacrilege to say anything negative about legendary director Martin Scorcese and equally renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio.” Hey, you’re a critic; your job is to critique, no matter who the director of the film is, or who the actors are. An opening sentence like this comes off as unnecessarily defensive, and puts the audience on edge for no reason.

The other is bringing gender into the review by saying, “Maybe because I have two XX chromosomes it’s different for me,” before launching into a critique about the film’s excessive female nudity (not to mention excess in general). Suggesting that the male libido may stand in the way of determining when excess is too much sounds like saying only women will like “chick flicks.” It’s mildly insulting and unnecessary.

Get past that, though, and there’s enough in this review to entertain and recommend. Even getting-on-your-high-horse reviewing such as this can be fun.    

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