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Edward Douglas’s “Gravity” Is Fun, but Tries Too Much

In response to Edward Douglas’s 735‑word review of Gravity on

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Edward Douglas’s “Gravity” is a fun review by a clearly delighted author, but its exuberance is counterbalanced by its overlong readtime of 735 words.

A promising expository introduction tells a bit of a story, then backs off a little to show a landscape: the reader is afforded a very broad, enthusiastic offering that’s more colors on canvas than typewritten note. Frankly, it’s refreshing in that capacity.

However, Gravity goes somewhat overboard on word count. What it has to say is excellent, it just happens to say it in a way that tends to drag at times. Douglas leans on how things look and feel, a fine technique when reined in.

It’s unfortunate that Douglas bit off more than he could chew here. Some details could have been cut entirely, or at least reduced, but there is a sense here that the author wanted to say as much as possible to make up for Gravity’s (appreciated) spoiler avoidance.

Gravity is a good effort, and for the most part it’s fun. What it manages to do really well in terms of tone, texture, and spoiler avoidance is undercut by a narrative that could have afforded to lose a quarter of its weight. Most readers will rightly gravitate toward more successful offerings.    

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