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Brian Tallerico’s Written Word Is Powerful and Just in “‘The Avengers 2’”

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Marvel Comics may be a big, bad money-making machine, but don’t think Brian Tallerico is scared of their power or legions of Thor nerds. He’s not, and his latest work, “Thor: The Dark World is Little More Than Marketing For ‘The Avengers 2’” is proof.

The full title of Tallerico’s work is quite clear with the reader, and if you don’t understand it than you probably think you’re a super hero. The onslaught of Marvel flicks can have that effect.  

The fierce and biting commentary of Tallerico begins immediately.  The critic shakes a finger at the franchise as if to say “Oh, heck no, Marvel. Step back. You don’t know me like that.” One will be stunned by the bravery of Tallerico, and the hashtag #talkintallerico will soon be all the talk on Twitter.

Tallerico’s core argument is that the film is uninspired across the board, and the stern critic feels the film is a ploy to transition Marvel along into the new age.

The critic’s thoughts on acting and marketing are flat-out fantastic.  It’s not crazy for one to think that Tallerico listened to “Only A Pawn In The Game” by Bob Dylan during the creation of the fantastic piece.

‘The Avengers 2‘ has deep knowledge, and should not be confused with an all out Complain Fest. Tallerico breaks down the script with care, and offers exquisite thoughts on chemistry that are pure and honest.  

Brian Tallerico’s ‘The Avengers 2‘ will blow your hair back, and possibly even change the way you think.    

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