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Charlie Schmidlin’s “Out of the Furnace” Is a Fine Piece of Escapism

In response to Charlie Schmidlin’s 868‑word review of Out of the Furnace on The Playlist

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Charlie Schmidlin’s “AFI Fest Review: ‘Out Of The Furnace” is a gripping read that puts the trials and tribulations of these characters in the limelight.  

Out of the Furnace is a unique criticism of the film and doesn’t simply take its premise simply as a homage to other films. Schmidlin treats the film as its own unique entity, but still frames it in such a way that its lineage is still a factor in the way the story is told and what we can expect from the characters. The writing is excellent and the critic’s word choices adds gravity and drama to the most mundane of circumstances.

For the sake of argument, the writer seems to believe that the movie’s genre boundary and its awareness of them make it easy for the cast to be at their best. It is an interesting argument that calls upon the notion that, the only reason to know your boundaries is so that you can exceed them. Sure the film works within genre confines but that doesn’t stop it from being a good film nor does it stop the actors from giving career defining performances.

The destroyers of films, the ruiners of plot, or cinema buzzkills; whatever you call them expect a few from this review. The spoilers are the low point and that comes from the fact that the critic spends a decent amount of time on plot and character motivation.  

The short of it is, Schmidlin did a good job. But you probably want more than that so, Schmidlin’s “Out of the Furnace” is a worthy critical piece, and  it succeeds in most areas except in regards to the spoilers. A fine piece of cinematic analysis that skates along the outskirts of literature  worthy of not just attention but adulation as well.    

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