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Graham Young Struggles Hard in “Thor: Review”

In response to Graham Young’s 455‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Birmingham Mail

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Yikes. Graham Young spends more time breaking down the technicalities of London scenes than critiquing the actual film in “Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World (12A.)”

Review: Thor is a rushed review that does little more than make observations followed by one word of critique. The effort is quite offensive, and Young seems to be content with just doing enough to get by.

Wait, there is something for the locals in Review: Thor! The critic breaks down the inaccuracies of the London Underground, and appears to believe he has delivered a “gotcha” moment. It’s a notable observation, but the lack of overall content makes it highly annoying.

Half of Review: Thor is plot summary, and the other half is half-assed critique. Young fails to say anything substantial about Thor or Chris Hemsworth (he is “a little dull here”), and the critic merely acknowledges that Loki is a character in the film. There is a complete lack of insight on Natalie Portman’s character as well, and one may stomp off to the London Underground to silently weep. The score is “weak” and Christopher Ecclestones’s role is “underwritten.” Amazing!

Graham Young’s Review: Thor is a seriously weak effort, and one can only hope that the critic returns to the concept of deep analysis someday.    

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