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Damon Wise’s “Gravity” Is a Puzzling Late-Entry That Merely Summarizes

In response to Damon Wise’s 351‑word review of Gravity on Radio Times

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Damon Wise’s “Gravity” is confusing on several levels. The nearly two month lag time between the film’s release and the publication of the review is one problem, but when coupled with the fact that the review is written in an anticipatory way, it becomes a true enigma. If, as the author’s phrasing would suggest, Wise hasn’t seen the film yet, then the entire piece becomes an exercise in the most impressive levels of futility.

It wouldn’t at all be surprising if that were the case. Wise language is on par with the greatest of hype men, finding creative and emotional ways to get his readers psyched about seeing this film. The problem is that the work never shifts gear into criticism, it’s little more than a press release.

Another question mark that looms large over the work is the decision to divide the work up into separate sections. A lengthy introduction is followed by a section labeled “PLOT SUMMARY.” Unfortunately, the heading seems a bit late to the party, as the introduction covered quite a bit of summary already. Sadly, this section does little more than echo the main beats of the introduction, almost as if the two halves were written independently and then cobbled together without proofreading.

When you step up to review Gravity you had better bring your A game, and Wise has not done that here.    

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