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Matt Risley’s “Kick-Ass 2 Earth’s Sweariest Heroes...”

In response to Matt Risley’s 433‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Total Film

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In reference to and spirit of the “irreverent fresh air” of the first film, Matt Risley tries to emulate a casual, unbiased take towards Kick-Ass 2 in his “Kick-Ass 2 Earth’s sweariest heroes.” Think of the old friend who only thinks of you as your past, less mature self. Risley fairly opines on the film and its scope, but it’s all for naught when he reduces it to only a comparison to Kick-Ass.

He has some good points, too; he approves of the guy in charge, and criticizes the frequent off-beat moments. The interesting, inclining pick-apart of plot and cast in the middle of the review are dropped and forgotten to the change of tone into disappointment, like a shoddy twist ending to a decent movie with a disclaimer in the last shot trying to apologize.

You don’t remember what the movie was trying to say, because the sudden shift of interests is strong enough to change the entire perspective.

Nonetheless, Risley’s writing is effectively reminiscent of what he reviews. It’s like the middle school troublemaker with rich parents: bombastic, and cautiously unruly. It works beautifully to describe a film that is *meta-spoiler alert* “witty, wild and wired” and compelling enough to warrant a review titled “Earth’s sweariest heroes…”   

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