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Maltin’s “Kick-Ass 2” Leaves Reader Behind, Loses Sight of Goal

In response to Leonard Maltin’s 221‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Leonard Maltin's Picks

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There are times that a review makes a reader ponder to themselves: “Why did they even bother?” Such is the case with Leonard Maltin’s “Kick-Ass 2”. It’s all fine and dandy if a movie isn’t someone’s cup of tea but all that is asked of a reviewer is to own it. Back up the claims. This is apparently too much to ask in this case.

Maltin admits from the beginning that he wasn’t really into the first movie and definitely not into this second one. At this point, he should have moved along without the added attempt to support exactly why the feeling of wanting to leave the theater? Simply put—it comes off as lazy.

With only 221 words sectioned off into three paragraphs, it’s tough to believe that Maltin manages to misstep so badly. He opens his piece with a general feeling of disdain for the first movie. Takes a stab at the movie that is to be reviewed. Moves on to an ever-so-quick look at the plot. And then the kicker is that he ends with another word on the first movie and has the audacity to write that he “even liked it at first”.

Maltin could have utilized his word count here a lot more effectively if he would’ve just opened up to the readers more about why he thought this movie made him feel the way he did. That way the reader could see it from his perspective and make a better judgement call for themselves. Instead, this is just a personal essay with nothing to offer the readers.    

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