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Annlee Ellingson’s “The Counselor” Could Be a US Weekly Cover—Sex!

In response to Annlee Ellingson’s 477‑word review of The Counselor on Paste Magazine

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Annlee Ellingson uses sex and stylish writing in her latest artistic crafting, “The Counselor,” but unfortunately for the reader, the review is a clear case of style over substance. Ellingson even gives the film a good review, which is a rare case where the critic enjoyed the film, but still fails to provide analysis beyond the basics.

Ellingson’s The Counselor has a saucy opening that will surely grab the attention of the reader. Ellingson may go over the top with “dirty/sweet sex scene,” but one can tell that she is at least trying. If only the critic could have devoted such detail to the actual characters. The critic’s work is more like an US Weekly cover rather than a critique of a film.

Ellingson’s The Counselor provides two paragraphs of adequate plot summary, but never attempts to wow the reader with a meaningful take on the film. Ellingson’s words rush as if late for a meeting.

Ellingson mentions director Ridley Scott once by name but is clearly not interested in exploring his impact on the film. The characters are also ignored, but one will learn the critic is able to write, and hype up sex scenes. It’s all somewhat entertaining, but nothing to write home about.

Ellingon’s The Counselor is a sexy piece of work, and not much else. One may experience brief brain stimulation, but will walk away disappointed.    

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