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Robert Roten’s “A Pub Crawl to End All Pub Crawls” Will Cure Insomnia

In response to Robert Roten’s 580‑word review of The World's End on Laramie Movie Scope

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Robert Roten’s review “A pub crawl to end all pub crawls” is a promising attempt that fails to reach its potential. The piece offers a clear conclusion, but the payoff is weakened by a conflux of subpar writing, vanilla presentation and dispensable plot details.  

Rather than opening with a thrilling action hook, the review begins with a personal anecdote about how difficult it was for the critic to find the film in theaters. This immediately docks points for professionalism as it creates the feel of a student project.

A serial over-use, or, more pointedly, an abuse, of commas, does not help the review gain traction with its audience. Furthermore, a lack of pictures and color makes the review look like one giant tombstone on the screen.  

To be fair, Roten’s work is more accessible than many of his contemporaries due to the fact that he offers a decisive grade for the film. He supports this grade with thoughtful analysis, although the analysis leans a bit too heavily on plot points.

For some reason Roten ends by drawing attention to a minor character, a baffling decision that is hardly the stuff of successful climaxes.  

This review is an honorable effort, but far from a masterpiece. The reader will be better off waiting for the critic to reach his potential in the (hopefully near) future.    

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