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Witney Seibold Offers a Breath of Fresh Air in “Second Opinion”

In response to Witney Seibold’s 730‑word review of Gravity on CraveOnline

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Witney Seibold stands strong in his dynamic creation, “Second Opinion: Gravity” and carefully composes a quiet monster of a review.

The pièce de résistance of Second Opinion is surely the methodical breakdown of director Alfonso Cuaron’s directorial achievements. By the end, Seibold symbolically looks the reader in the eye, and defends his argument with vigor.

Second Opinion begins with an honest account of the critic’s experiences with special effects. The opening statement is bold, and the entire initial construction is fresh, and will prove valuable.

Witney Siebold will please his audience with a rich, second paragraph in Second Opinion devoted to the camera acumen of director Alfonso Cuaron. The words of the critic flow effortlessly, and the information provided will undoubtedly be scribbled in notebooks of the youth across the world.

The third section of Second Opinion is remarkable. Seibold faces his 3-D fears, and takes the hand of the reader while he confronts his greatest fears.

Second Opinion closes out with a fresh take about the emotional impact of the film, and Seibold doesn’t feel obliged to bow down to anybody.

Do yourself a favor and read Second Opinion. It’s a breath of fresh air in the crazy world of “Gravity” reviews.

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