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Claudia Puig Sets the Stage in “Gravity Exerts a Profound Emotional Pull” and Exits

In response to Claudia Puig’s 429‑word review of Gravity on USA Today

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Claudia Puig has crafted a dazzling arrangement of visuals in her latest gem,“Gravity exerts a profound emotional pull”, but the critic fails to expand on the human drama of the story.

Emotional pull is everything one could ask for in a tight-knit, informative review (at least one that will cover all the basics.) Puig’s writing is beyond excellent—it is extraordinary. The suspense that plays out is Hitchcock-like, and  the reader is in the realm of the Twilight Zone.

With that being said, one goes to the movies to not only be entertained with the visuals, whose effect the critic conveys phenomenally, but also hopes to connect with the leads. Emotional pull sadly offers little emotional pull of its own.

Some may argue that emotional pull is complete, as the reader’s mind should be untainted by the drama that plays out in the film before seeing it. While Puig’s creation is incredibly spoiler-free, and  offers the reader a solid amount of information regarding director Alfonso Cuaron, in the rather disappointing finale, the critic’s last three words are “unforgettable personal story.”

Unfortunately, Claudia Puig leaves out any further information about this unforgettable personal story that appears to be so central to Puig’s material that she would conclude on it.

Emotional pull is an astute piece of work, and will be enjoyed by Puig’s fans, however Puig’s words may across as incomplete to the more scrutinizing members of her audience.    

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