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Duane Dudek’s “‘Nebraska’ Follows…” Is a Drag

In response to Duane Dudek’s 483‑word review of Nebraska on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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In “‘Nebraska’ follows dysfunctional family on quest”, author Duane Dudek leads the reader on a miserable journey down a gloomy path, with little hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s simply not effective to “support” something as dark and dreary as the premise in kind. It sends the wrong message to the reader and will likely drive them to tears before they finish perusing the piece. In hindsight, Dudek likely created this aura intentionally to convey the tone he felt while researching his subject. But alas, his attempt to set the mood produces two which are counterproductive in any situation: dismay and despair.

And should the reader make it to the end of this with their resolve intact, they will find themselves poorly rewarded for the  diligence. For the author fails to adequately relay his ultimate determination. Only by observing his summary notes does it become clear that his seemingly condemning approach actually is his way of showing appreciation. But one would never know that otherwise.

The fact that this piece is based on subject matter that is grim  to begin with is enough. Creating something infinitely bleaker does nothing to motivate interest. In fact, it’s only likely to deter audiences further, lest they become doubly depressed.    

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