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Jon Niccum’s “A Serious ‘Ender’s Game’” Seriously Delights

In response to Jon Niccum’s 716‑word review of Ender’s Game on Kansas City Star

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Jon Niccum has a natural aptitude for speaking so plainly one can almost predict what he will say before he says it. This is in no way a detriment in regard to his recent “A Serious ‘Ender’s Game. ‘” In fact it is a welcome trait and a breath of fresh air among the over-embellished spiels of some who write more to reaffirm their own egos than inform the user.

Thankfully, there are a handful, like Niccum, who stick to the  plain-speaking approach of telling the reader what they should expect without the need for an online dictionary.

The only problem with Serious Ender’s is that occasionally Niccum is so overt he almost gives away the entire film. Fortunately, the details he does provide, regardless of how explicit, don’t seem to discourage one from wanting to see the sequence first-hand anyway.

Never does he dillute nor overemphasize a single passage in this remarkable tome. He stays true to his mark time and time again, and yet never seems to run out of content. He relays it all to the reader in such an eloquently crafted package, it satisfies the psyche for hours afterwards. If only there were more authors who embodied this trait, and if only their words were available to more than just the fortunate few who discovered them.    

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