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Katherine Monk’s “Hunger Games” Is a Filling Snack

In response to Katherine Monk’s 827‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Katherine Monk’s “Catching Fire” doesn’t blaze as much as it burns like a stick of incense; it’s a pleasant, slow, contemplative piece that probably won’t blow your hair back, but does offer steady, considered critique.

Monk chooses to open with a relatively lengthy discussion on the box office predictions for the film and its arrival as a mega franchise. This creates some initial drag which isn’t helped by the sizable chunk of exposition she offers immediately afterward, but she does eventually tie all this foreshadowing into some relevant critique, so readers will be rewarded for sticking with it.

When she does get to the criticism, Monk chooses to focus all her critical firepower on the Lawrences (Francis, the director, and Jennifer, the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen). The critic goes into glorious depth on how director Lawrence managed to meet and exceed expectations with the help of actress Lawrence. The results are stunning.

Monk’s prose is functional and incredibly pleasant (after all, this is a Canadian publication), but she has a weird habit of taking well-known phrases and mixing them up in ways that don’t quite work. It’s jarring, but not enough to keep you from enjoying the awesome critique.    

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