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Jeff Beck’s “Movie Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’” Sings

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Reviews are a many splendid thing, and among the best of the “Regular Joe” style coffee-shop chats is Jeff Beck’s “Movie Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World. ‘”

This is bare bones, as you like it, reviewing. Beck sets up his readers with an honest, two-cents review of the first Thor film, and soon he’s off to the races.

Three paragraphs of plot race on, where the audience is introduced to the old crew, the new villain, and learn of the comic book plot. Despite other claims that the plot makes no sense, Beck sticks out his neck and admits, shock of all shocks, plot isn’t the core of films about blond gods with hammers who dig earth chicks and save the world. Who knew? Beck knew!

A gentle analysis of characters is provided, and where the bright spots pop in, and does include critical views of where the film flails and weakens. Oddly, it’s that there is too much epic fighting that keeps Beck unhappy with the film. If Beck had dug a little deeper and asked how that failure was attached to all the other craziness in the film, the review would have ended on quite the high note. Still, Beck’s two cents are honest, fun, and fair.    

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