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Owen Gleiberman’s “Fire (2013)”Is a Dull Arrow of Wisdom

In response to Owen Gleiberman’s 712‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Entertainment Weekly,,20483133_20721951,00.html

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Action. Desire. Revolt. Owen Gleiberman rushes through the film in his trailer-like review “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).” It’s a parade of vague statements, and one may wish to submit the work into the Review Hunger Games to compete with other disappointing critiques.

Gleiberman gives poor Jennifer Lawrence only a few lines of analysis in Fire (2013) which is flat out offensive. Forget the hype factor and all the people who go to the film specifically to see the actress—Lawrence deserves more simply because she is the star of a feature film. One has little to gain from a line such as “she more than holds her own.”

Direction is also not a concern for the critic in Fire (2013) despite the new addition of Francis Lawrence. Gleiberman states the film is directed “with a darkly sustained verve,” and proceeds to rush through the analysis. Crisp phrasing connects on occasion, but not enough to leave a mark. The words are like dull arrows of wisdom.

Fire (2013) begins with two large paragraphs of plot summary, and concludes with two small paragraphs of critique. Gleiberman doesn’t give up on the reader, but he certainly doesn’t provide a serious work.  To make matters worse, the critic chooses to offer up some thoughts on the ending of the film, which may destroy the dreams of one who desires a fresh experience.

Fire (2013) is one of many reviews that does enough to get by.    

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