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Darkness Descends Upon Readers of Lori Hoffman’s “Thor’s Dark Side”

In response to Lori Hoffman’s 574‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Atlantic City Weekly

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There’s a special place in Hell for every reviewer who has used the groan-inducing quip “It’s hammer time” in regards to Thor or its sequel, Thor: The Dark World. Lori Hoffman does so right out of the gate in “Thor’s Dark Side,” but hey, at least she’ll have plenty of company down there.

The remainder of Hoffman’s review of the Thor sequel is not any more original or engaging than the dated and cliched M. C. Hammer reference. There is much discussion of the film’s plot, including a spoiler regarding a cameo appearance that moviegoers may prefer to be kept a surprise, but there is little in the way of insight or analysis.

What’s worse, the review is broken up into two pages. That would be OK if it were a particularly lengthy review, but it’s not. It’s 574 words long, although even that seems like some sort of sorcery because it has all the substance of a review half that length.

To hammer home just how bereft of ideas “Thor’s Dark Side” is, Hoffman returns to the “hammer time” pun one more time in her final sentence, a summary of the review that is a bit confusing given how little in the text of the review actually supports it. It’s an unfortunate note to go out on after an unfortunately underwhelming review.    

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