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Steve Persall “Kick-Ass 2 Gets Meaner, Bloodier” With Every Reviewed Word

In response to Steve Persall’s 447‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Tampa Bay Times

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In this review by Steve Persall entitled ”Kick-Ass 2’ gets meaner, bloodier”, the reader is immediately confronted with drastic judgments. This reviewer wastes no time with introductions in this battle royal between the supposed integrity of the film and the opinion of the critic.

Persall launches directly into a punch to the jugular of the lead actor, leaving the reader reeling in its wake. There was no set up of summary, no ease into a strongly worded catch-phrase or metaphor (in fact, you will be hard pressed to find any sort of creatively used literary jargon in this review), just direct disapproval.

If the reader makes it through the battering and into the second half of the review, there is minimal summary provided. This gives the audience just enough sustenance to make it through the fight, just barely.

With Persall’s use of deliberate jabs and low blows, this review holds no surprise spoiler attempts. The readers can rest easy about escaping that potential punch.

The presentation of the fighting words are well placed, showing a clear and easily accessible article. The quality of writing is well practiced and shows elevated skill.

The problem resides in the choice of how the fight was worded.  It knocks the audience out cold from the start. If you are up for an abrasive battering, with minimal return, feel free to enter the ring.    

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