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Rawson-Jones’ “‘Kick-Ass 2’ Review: Digital Spy Verdict” Is Nothing to Envy

In response to Ben Rawson-Jones’s 806‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Digital Spy

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Ben Rawson-Jones’ “‘Kick-Ass 2’ Review: Digital Spy Verdict” is well rounded but ultimately reveals a little too much of the film to give it a full blessing. It also contains a high concentration of penis jokes.

The substantial critique will leave some wide eyed but most will at least be able to take away some sense of whether or not they will enjoy the film based on Rawson-Jones’ review.

Obviously when reviews get past the 500 word count mark you have to start worrying about spoilers and this review is no different. There were too many instances where key plot points might as well have been written in fire engine red and linked to a clip of the scene on Youtube.

On the flip side the review is otherwise a good example of in depth analysis of the subject matter. The reviewer bothers to compare and contrast the second film to the first film which will feel like snooze inducing retread to some but for others who haven’t seen the first it may seem necessary.

Based on his review of Kick-Ass 2 most would probably say Ben could stand a lesson or two in non-disclosure. But at the end of the day the review gets the job done otherwise.    

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