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Chris Tilly REVIEW:

In response to Chris Tilly’s 209‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on IGN Movies

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And so the concept of bashing comic book movie sequels continues. While Chris Tilly doesn’t completely dislike Thor: The Dark World, he reveals a little too much of the plot, which involves the Asgardians saving the Nine Realms from a bunch of really mean elves.  

It’s unclear just how much Tilly dislikes or likes the action-packed sequel, as he goes from praising gritty battle sequences to complaining about the lack of Loki. And acknowledging Darcy’s (Kat Dennings) one-liners to getting annoyed about Jane (Natalie Portman) and Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) relationship. And then celebrating the movie’s funny moments to calling it bland overall.  

As “schizophrenic” as Tilly claims the movie is at times, one could make the same argument about the critic’s review: he likes it! No he doesn’t. He does like it! Well, maybe not.

While Tilly does wrap up his thoughts in a concluding paragraph (he basically doesn’t like it), it’s still hard to follow what his exact feelings on the action flick are. However, disdain does seem to pervade the review, as do key plot points. Because come on, who wants to learn the backstory of those jerky elves and assorted legendary Asgardian weapons until you’re actually in the theater soaking up shirtless Thor and company?    

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