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Michael Sragow’s “Boy’s Own Apocalypse” Is a Writer’s Own Blurb

In response to Michael Sragow’s 531‑word review of Ender’s Game on Orange County Register

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Michael Sragow’s “‘Ender’s Game’ is a boy’s own apocalypse” is swift, a little punchy at times, and overall steady, and while it doesn’t quite live-up to movie review art, it delivers an okay read.

Sragow hits primary plot points and character descriptions with low-key insight and dashes of verbal entertainment. His opinions fall short of bona fide conviction, yet are able to engage the reader just enough to incite reading to the end without fear of wasting valuable time.

At times, Sragow expresses turns of phrases that are both unique and interesting, yet he ultimately outstrips reader interest with sketchy (yet lengthy) actor portrayals. His logic, on the other hand, is sound, loosely backed-up by examples, and totally without overkill. If boy’s own apocalypse was put up to a mirror, readers might find that it holds no lasting impression, image, or reflective content.

The final climax of boy’s own apocalypse is a bit of a letdown, and like Sragow’s appraisal of Ender’s Game, winds up specializing in an ambivalence of opinion that is less than satisfying. It doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth or evoke anything specific, which is likely to make reading audiences forget they ever read the review was in the first place.    

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