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Felix Vasquez Jr. ‘S “Thor” Turns Off the Lights on Critique

In response to Felix Vasquez Jr.’s 573‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Cinema Crazed

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Cinema Crazed’s tagline is “Celebrating Film Culture and Pop Culture,” and that’s exactly what they’re doing in “Thor: The Dark World (2013.)” If by celebrate they mean butchering it, burying it six feet deep and urinating all over its grave. Then, yeah… celebrating.

This is less a celebration than a funeral procession for the art of film critique.

Alright, it’s not as bad as all that, but there’s also not much to praise here.

Where to begin?

The writing? It sounds like an 8th grader’s last minute book report on The Lord of the Flies:  it’s all “I liked it” this and “I didn’t like it” that. It’s got the flow of a constipated construction worker and the grace of, well, a diarrheal construction worker.

The comma usage? Glad you asked. There’s as much logic at play here as a mental patient who’s accidentally been given acid and let loose on a typewriter.

The syntax? Good question. It’s so labyrinthine the decaying bones of Theseus can be found tucked into one of its incomprehensible syntactical crannies.  

The critiques? More like fan boy exclamations about neat-o fight scenes and three inch deep descriptions like “exciting” and “entertaining.”

Much like the horror movies this site so admires, this one’s frightening.    

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