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Jason Zingale’s “Movie Review: ‘Nebraska’” Is Pedestrian, at Best

In response to Jason Zingale’s 538‑word review of Nebraska on

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Jason Zingale’s “Movie Review: ‘Nebraska’” is a mediocre review with a few merits and significant flaws. Nothing is horrible about the review, but nothing stands out as particularly good either.

In the first paragraph of Movie Review, Zingale contradicts his first opinion. Because readers won’t expect him to follow through after that blunder, it’s a little surprising when he does—at times. Zingale offers several opinions that are presented critically and backed-up by example. Yet, he is so careful and hesitant, even tenuously cautious at times, that it reads as though he’s afraid to express his point-of-view to readers.

Zingale’s writing style is accessible and personable at times, but otherwise, it contains more conjunctions than even a ninth grader should be using. While Movie Review features some relevant plot information, he never drives the content anywhere.

By far the worst thing about Movie Review is the small white font against a black background that is likely to cause serious eyeball fatigue and low-grade migraines. The presentation value further suffers with prurient advertisements that are grievously distracting.

Zingale is clearly trying to present critical analysis with a sense of mainstream realism, but his attempt feels more than a little constricted by tone, presentation, and style. Overall, Movie Review is akin to being stuck in a theater where the event has been canceled due to main character stage fright.    

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