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Kirk Honeycutt Gets Real With the Audience in “The Hunger”

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Let the honest words of Kirk Honeycutt sink into your brain. The critic is completely upfront and personal with the audience in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and his bluntness is not only refreshing but invigorating. It’s Honeycutt time.

The gentle pacing of the critic in The Hunger allows one to process the prose, and understand the epic nature of the sequel. Honeycutt takes the hand of the reader, looks them in the eye and pleads with one to understand that 146 minutes is no big deal.

One may chuckle when Honeycutt announces that he will spend little time on plot in The Hunger, but then summarizes the entire plot of the film. All joking aside, the critic refrains from taking the audience to Spoiler Land, and delivers only the bare essentials. One shall feel an intense amount of respect for their viewing experience.

Kirk Honeycutt knows the formula for a successful franchise, and is not shy about serving up some truth. Jennifer Lawrence brings in the bucks. The critic also makes a fascinating point about direction, and how too much vision or art could bring the franchise down. Agree or disagree, Honeycutt offers a unique and enlightening piece of art.

The Hunger will satisfy your review needs, but will also make you hungry for more Honeycutt.    

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