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Chris Knight’s “All-Star Treatment” Spoils Before the Treatment Begins

In response to Chris Knight’s 663‑word review of The Counselor on National Post

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This review by Chris Knight titled “The Counselor’, reviewed: Cormac McCarthy’s first-ever screenplay gets the all-star treatment” is scattered. Knight’s ideas are coherent and the way in which he is describing the film itself mirrors the acclaim of which he thinks the movie deserves.  The problem resides in the lack of flow within this piece.

The first sentence of the review is randomly inserted about wanting McCarthy to write Knight’s eulogy. This thought then jumps into summary about the film itself. The sentences are disjointed and lack cohesion.

Allstar treatment also tells a little too much. Knight is using a technique of enticing his audience through direct quotes from the film. This could have produced an interesting and behind the scenes effect. However, this is not the case. Instead too many quotes result in too many spoilers. The scenes that are being described, combined with the quote, not only ruin the dialogue but the image as well.

 The writing is strong, just uncontained. The spoilers and random insertions make this review a scatterbrained doozey.

The overall organization of the review feels slightly cluttered, but the clutter is surprisingly useful. The visual look of the review is crammed with pictures, trailers, and short star ratings. But these inclusions are great for the quick glance into the film.

Overall, this review is a high quality of writing, but lacks flow and too many spoilers.    

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