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Lisa Kennedy’s “The World’s End” Movie Review” Will Be in One Ear Out the Other for Most

In response to Lisa Kennedy’s 308‑word review of The World's End on Denver Post

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Lisa Kennedy’s “The World’s End movie review: A Detour from Darkly Funny To Sci-fi Silly.” can be summed up by one word, yawn. The review lacks any strength in either the information or entertainment department.

There is something to be said of this review’s brevity, it just isn’t anything positive. The following passage sums up the reviewer’s general and vague feelings on the subject of her review “For a spell, “The World’s End” fascinates.”

Apparently there was a moment in which the reviewer was fascinated. Well, that’s great but what about the other 108 minutes of the film? Did she nod off after that brief moment of cinematic reverie? Or was the rest of the film so bad that she repressed the experience forcing it deep into her memory banks never to see the light of day again? The truth may never come to light, a minor tragedy.

During the course of this review you will pray that the end won’t delay in coming but it won’t come soon enough. The most unfortunate fact about Detour from Darkly Funny is that it completely fails to add anything new to the conversation. It should be avoided at all cost, unless you enjoy hopelessly spinning your wheels or twiddling your thumbs.    

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