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Robert Denerstein’s “Film Review: The Counselor” Is an Existential Classic

In response to Robert Denerstein’s 1138‑word review of The Counselor on Movie Habit

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Robert Denerstein’s latest offering, entitled Film Review: The Counselor, is a  searing work of disappointed rage. Every word of this instant classic drips with heartbreak and bitterness. This is a review likely to be re-read and remembered for years to come.

There is a dark, existential core to Denerstein’s work here that begins with the building of the reader’s expectations in the opening paragraph. Denerstein skillfully lures the reader into his world with these ominous words:

“Tell me you weren’t looking forward to The Counselor….”

And from there, he tears the expectations down brick by brick. There is no warmth or compassion to be found in this dismal world. No one, not even the highly likable A-list cast members, can escape their unhappy fate. Denerstein’s Film Review: The is just that dark, that devoid of hope. This is a searing masterpiece that spares no one its bleak worldview—not even the reader.

In the end Denerstein creates a world that is intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying for its inhabitants. Observing his palpable sense of bitter disappointment is a harrowing ride, but the patient reviewlover with find it well worth it. Indeed reviewgoers who can stomach the kind of heartbreaking sorrow that Denerstein has to dish out will find his latest masterwork a review to savor for the ages.    

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