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Matthew Turner’s “Gravity (12A)” Is Serviceable Though Only Surface Deep

In response to Matthew Turner’s 482‑word review of Gravity on ViewLondon

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Matthew Turner’s “Gravity (12A)” is predictably reliable. It follows the tried and true format that ViewLondon has established and is now known for. The sections keep the work moving forward, though they add a certain level of containment and constraint to the work, making it somehow smaller.

With a larger than life movie event like Gravity, ViewLondon’s approach doesn’t seem to fit. Seeing “The Great” of the film boiled down to a single paragraph, especially when it’s really little more than a neat list of things to look forward to, will ring a discordant note for readers who’ve been paying attention to the hype.

Still, Gravity (12A) accomplishes its own goals very well. The set-up provided at the outset is one of the more capable handlings of the plot out there. If you’re looking for a very short introduction that won’t spoil any plot points, give you something to look forward to, and leave you with plenty to discover on your own, well, Turner’s work has all of that (and not a whole lot more).

This type of work has its place. There is an audience for it. Turner knows what he’s doing, and while it is far from being a transcendent work of art, it plays its part well.    

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