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Rich Cline’s “Ender Game” Has Structure but Little Thought

In response to Rich Cline’s 378‑word review of Ender’s Game on Shadows on the Wall

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Make sure to have some coffee prepared while reading Rich Cline’s “Ender’s Game” because it could easily put you to sleep. The work is a chronicle of what the reader will visually see in the film, rather than a review that thinks beyond the norms.

Cline’s writing is satisfactory (albeit dull), but one will find nothing more than a few fuzzy thoughts amongst the massive plot summary. What does Cline think about the film? The critic seems to think that only teenagers are able to enjoy the film, and that anyone who is not a “gamer” won’t have a clue.

Cline’s Ender’s Game is full of obvious statements, and Cline has trouble dissecting themes to help the reader understand the larger picture. Forget the plot—can Cline at least tell us who is in the film? The critic mentions the actors by name, but says absolutely nothing about the performances. Regular Cline readers may begin to suspect that a robot has taken control of Rich Cline.

Cline’s Ender’s Game is a massive bore, and does nothing more than describe the film. Cline barely offers any original thoughts, and there is little to take away from the work.     

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