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Caryn James’s “Magical Storytelling” Brings Some Magic of Its Own

In response to Caryn James’s 622‑word review of Gravity on James on screenS

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With “‘Gravity’: Alfonso Cuaron’s Magical Storytelling,” Caryn James offers a review that is neither breathlessly fawning nor cynically disengaged. Rather, it manages to inhabit the space somewhere in between, bringing praise where praise is due but being unafraid to find fault with its subject.

The presentation of Magical Storytelling is the least magical part about it, having a rather plain, unimpressive layout and being plagued by sporadic single-space paragraph indents that seem to have no rhyme or reason. This distracts from the content somewhat, but luckily not enough to drag it back down to Earth too severely.

The review veers a little too far into spoiler territory, too, giving a bit more plot away than is necessary, and doing so almost immediately. It’s not as spoiler intensive as some other Gravity reviews, but still enough to warrant advance warning.

Despite the flaws, though, Magical Storytelling remains a charming, well-reasoned film review. It effectively gives the reader a good sense of what to expect from the movie and whether or not that might be something he or she might be interested in. For those who don’t mind some spoilers and rough-around-the-edges formatting, Magical Storytelling is a decent way to kill some time.    

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