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John Beifuss’ “Wolf” Makes a Feast Out of Scorsese’s Latest

In response to John Beifuss’s 1629‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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John Beifuss’ review of the newest epic from Martin Scorsese, “‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘—A Review: The Howling,” is a tome itself; it’s at times tumescent, at times insightful, but it’s always fascinating.  

Beifuss’ opener ties some disparate notions together in a convincing manner, comparing (in more than one way) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug to The Wolf of Wall Street.

It’s original and, just when it’s about to stretch credulity, Beifuss pulls out his trump card, using the odd connections in the first paragraphs as the cornerstone of this edifice of critique he’s building.  

Beifuss’ prose isn’t the stuff Pulitzers are made of, but it’s eminently respectable and skillful enough to enthrall readers for an admittedly lengthy 1629 words. There are a few times where the writing sags under the heft of all the criticism, but, for the right audience, it’ll be more than worth it.

For the real star of this show is the critique. Beifuss has more than enough time to explore his themes and flesh out his premises, all of which are richly drawn and serve to reveal a critical mind of prodigious talent.  

If he’s not on your watch list of critics, let this serve as your fair warning: he should be.     

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