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“Gravity: Mark Reviews” by Mark Dujsik Is the Vessel Home

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 1135‑word review of Gravity on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik explores new cinematic territory in “Mark Reviews Movies: Gravity.” The piece by the prolific critic is essential reading, but also comes with flaws.

The physical appearance of Gravity: Mark Reviews can be interpreted two ways.  

(1) The absence of background content (video, pictures) shifts focus to the review, and lets one concentrate on the artist’s vision.

(2) The lack of visuals takes away from the overall experience.

Despite the boring look of Gravity: Mark Reviews, the critic succeeds by delivering astute content that will float in the brain, and make one contemplate the larger picture like so many lost astronauts.

Gravity: Mark Reviews could have been more effective with a clear statement in the launch phase, especially since there is a lack of opinion in the title. Instead, the critic takes the hand of the reader, and guides them through the process. It’s a risky move by Dujsik, but ultimately shows a tremendous amount of respect for the audience.

The entirety of Gravity: Mark Reviews is a pleasure to read, and the careful construction of paragraphs are filled with content that stunningly convey the atmosphere of the film along with the visuals produced by director Alfonso Cuaron.

Character analysis is not examined at length, however one will admire the scope of the work and vision provided by the critic. Gravity: Mark Reviews is a piece of art that one can spend hours reflecting on.    

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