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Sara Maria Vizcarrondo’s “Review: . .” a Deal With the Devil

In response to Sara Maria Vizcarrondo’s 558‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Movies With Butter

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“Review: Wolf of Wall Street (Great [Grandson] Gatsby)” by Sara Maria Vizcarrondo is a very seductive tome that makes the reader want to jump into the world the subject embodies, even at the risk of losing their soul.

And losing their soul is an inevitability, but more on that later. First, it needs to be said that this is a beautifully written, almost romantic, soliloquy of its source material.  The drama so palpable and the imagery so lush, one can almost smell the trading room floor. It all provides such a vivid escape from the normal trappings of life, one will never want to go back to their daily grind.

Unfortunately, the appeal of this piece also proves to be its downfall. It is so seductive, the reader may not detect the spoilers until it is too late. At more than one point, the author reveals key details about the premise that are best left untold. For doing so all but stalls the motivation to investigate it for oneself. The purpose of narrative of this genre is to inform just enough that the reader is aware of the tone of the subject, without knowing where it ultimately leads. Disclosing any more is akin to committing literary suicide. Indeed, most readers will be turned off by this and are likely to avoid future work from this author.

Usually something that feels this good comes with a price. This is no exception… and that price is one the reader cannot afford to pay. “Review: …” is a one night stand the reader should avoid at all cost, or they will be filled with regret in the morning.    

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