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Peter Bradshaw’s “Kick-Ass 2—Review” Loses Its Cool

In response to Peter Bradshaw’s 812‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Guardian [UK]

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In the aptly titled “Kick-Ass 2—Review,” Peter Bradshaw tries to score two runs with a pointed critique that also cherishes what it despises. The result is the same bland pining for the first film that litter the landscape of Kick-Ass 2 reviews, while making deft reference to the value of Hit Girl.

Bradshaw brings a lot of the familiar elements to the table, as well as a few new ones of his own. He offers a dollop of Freudian analysis, some director comparisons, the usual “too many heroes” complaint, and a disdain for the misuse of swear words. It actually has the makings of a decent final product, if only the recipe was better.

Dry, tasteless, Bradshaw keeps punishing the film until it falls in love with Hit Girl.  Here, Bradshaw makes a case for the film’s failure in being both too much about Hit Girl and not enough about what Hit Girl’s about. The “residue of unease” that stayed with Bradshaw during the romantic teen interludes are salacious in their subtext which is all but lost when he compares this feeling to the one he had watching a documdrama of BDSM and Pinup girl Bettie Page. Some residues of unease are best left mysterious.  

Then we finish with the usual pining for a Hit Girl movie and the obvious point that she is the real star. The experience is strange and not exactly enjoyable. The juxtaposition of the mundane repetition and the shocking asides is an experience that many will remember, though few will cherish.    

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