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Eric Kohn’s “Is Alfonso Cuaron’s ’Gravity’ a New Kind of Cinema” Nails It

In response to Eric Kohn’s 551‑word review of Gravity on indieWIRE

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Eric Kohn’s “Is Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’ A New Kind of Cinema?” is a tech-savy review sure to find a home with its target audience. Kohn’s opus will not appeal to everyone, but it is a fine effort that presents a clear view supported by thesis-level analysis.  

The first act is a tribute to the film’s innovative cinematography. It is loaded with superlatives such as “historic achievement,” but Kohn’s evidence comes close to justifying the flowery language. The second act takes a quick detour into the evolution of modern filmmaking trends, but Kohn’s Aderol kicks in just in time to re-focus the piece for the denouement.  

The review is decidedly favorable but concedes a few key weaknesses. Kohn does not hide disappointment with the script and story, which he demonstrates by divulging some expository spoilers. While some readers will be irked by Kohn’s dismissal of the film’s stars, a couple of actors surnamed Clooney and Bullock, Kohn’s lack of attention to the names is refreshing.  

This review is objective and intelligent. It is by no means a popcorn piece. If you want to read about the stars and ogle pictures of George Clooney’s hair, open a magazine next time you‘re waiting at the grocery store. If you want to learn something interesting about a new film, read Kohn’s piece.    

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