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Richard Von Busack’s Start Strong; Fades Away in “Lost in Space”

In response to Richard von Busack’s 660‑word review of Gravity on MetroActive

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Intellect and cinema knowledge is key to a complete  enjoyment of Richard von Busack’s “Gravity: Lost In Space.”

The introduction of Lost In Space is mighty, and acknowledges the historical importance of the film with an acute command of the English language.

After the satisfactory plot summary of Gravity, the critic offers another sublime film reference in relation to the sound design. It is an important moment of the piece, as one will contemplate the early cinematic inspiration of director Alfonso Cuaron, and think outside-the-box upon first viewing.

As far as the direction of the film, von Busack devotes one paragraph to the pacing of Cuaron, and one may wish the critic could have expanded by offering more insight. The same goes for the leads: little is said about the performances of Clooney and Bullock, which makes the review feel somewhat incomplete.

By the end of Lost In Space, the flaws of the film are noted, however it seems that von Busack is holding back. One may feel the critic has much more to say, and von Busack even notes “Some parking-lot pickery can be done later.” Why not now?

Lost In Space is phenomenal in the first half, but loses oxygen and fades away in the darkness.    

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