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Michael Dequina’s “Out of the Furnace” Offers an Emotional Punch

In response to Michael Dequina’s 258‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Michael Dequina’s “Out of the Furnace” manages to accomplish in under 260 words what some critics fail to accomplish in much longer pieces—give the audience a sharp, dynamic work of film critique that both dazzles and enlightens. It is quite a success.

Notice, for example, how DeQuina acknowledges the film for what it is: “a very stock scenario: a revenge tale.” But, while some critics might automatically consider this a mark against the film, Dequina doesn’t fall into that trap.

Instead, he recognizes that the director/writer uses this “genre formula” as “a jumping off point for both his cast and himself to freely and creatively embellish the details.” In other words, the reviewer doesn’t limit himself to standard old tropes, but, as the director of this film seems willing to do, he digs deeper, creating a much more worthwhile and meaningful experience for the audience. The  fact that he does this in so few words is just one of many things that makes this piece so impressive.

The critic does this so well in passages such as the director “paints a vividly seedy portrait of the Pennsylvania Rust Belt” while also creating “… the clear sense of not only the danger, but also the desperation that develops in such an environment.” His intense prose packs an emotional punch.

All in all, Out of the Furnace flat out delivers, and the audience won’t want to miss a single dazzling word.    

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