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Tim Braton’s “Irresistible Force” Is an Epic and Cunning Cinematic Journey

In response to Tim Brayton’s 1783‑word review of Gravity on Antagony & Ecstasy

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Tim Brayton’sIrresistible Force”  is a serious look at the implications that Gravity brings to the medium of cinema. The effort and care put into each word and thought adds weight to the already heavily analytic write-up.  

For the sake of procrastinators everywhere please be  aware of the somewhat obscene readtime. This is not an article you read without at least 10 minutes to spare. This can be forgiven, as much is said about the space thriller; but if you are short on time this is not the review to read.  

Brayton wants to draw attention to Gravity‘s significance in the grand scheme of cinema and does so convincingly. Comparing it to Jurassic Park in terms of technical achievement  all the while throwing both Avatar and Life of Pi underneath the wheels of progress.

Irresistible Force also gracefully tiptoes around spoilers in a way that far shorter reviews can’t seem to do. With more focus placed on the the technicality and skill  of the filmmakers as opposed to the events that take place within the creation.

Brayton has composed an excellent review that is sure to please the most avid of readers. The bland visuals can easily be forgiven on the strength of the content provided. If you are up to the challenge, cancel the dinner plans, grab the old pipe and monocle, and get to reading this high brow take on the highly-lauded space thriller.    

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