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Eric Kohn’s “Worlds at War” Is an Agonizingly Pretentious Double Bill

In response to Eric Kohn’s 1231‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on indieWIRE

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How does one write about a big studio, big-budget blockbuster film if one is writing for a site called “Indiewire?” Apparently by trying to establish a tenuous connection between that film and more “indie” fare as Eric Kohn does in “Worlds At War: Why ‘Thor: The Dark World’ And the Saoirse Ronan Vehicle ‘How I Live Now’ Make An Effective Double Bill.”

The length of that title alone should be enough to scare off most would-be readers, but the sheer ridiculousness of trying to establish a thematic link between the two titular movies will likely scare off everyone else. Kohn spends over 1230 agonizing words drawing lines between a moody indie drama and a film about a Norse god superhero fighting an evil elf.

One has to wonder if Kohn even took himself seriously when writing this review, or whether he winced and did a shot of whiskey with the beginning of each new paragraph.

Consider this line: “The through-line between “Thor” and “How I Live Now” suggests that both movies reflect a specific breed of post-9/11 paranoia in which the plight of the individual has become swept up by greater circumstances.”

If your eyes didn’t just roll all the way back into your head, making it so you can see your own rapidly deteriorating gray matter, then congratulations on your mental fortitude. Everyone else: you’ve been warned. Subject yourself to the brazen pretentiousness of World At War at your own risk.    

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