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Travis Hopson’s “Movie Counselor” Must Be Consulted Immediately

In response to Travis Hopson’s 918‑word review of The Counselor on

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Travis Hopson is some sort of magician. The critic’s latest work, “Movie Review: The Counselor Starring Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt,” will make one wonder how he comes up with the magic potion that is his film criticism. Hopson’s work is intellectual, relentless and may inspire a crazy dance called “Do The Hopson.” It’s just that good.

Movie Counselor reminds the audience of ol’ Cormac McCarthy right from the start. If the reader is unaware of what to expect, don’t worry, because Hopson is going to fill  you in. The critic makes a clear statement on the film in opening paragraph, and the use of the phrase “white-hot” may possibly melt a few faces. Caution: Movie Counselor is hot piece of work.

The middle section of Movie Counselor has three paragraphs fueled by a dynamic concoction of plot summary and character analysis. One may say “Is this free? Where do I pay?,” and take a minute to fully consume the potency of the information. Hopson moves from character to character with descriptions that would make Cormac McCarthy himself cry with joy, and the reader will gently wipe the sweat off their brow once the summary is over.

Movie Counselor concludes with a decent commentary on the effectiveness of Ridley Scott’s film, but the real joy is the beefy middle section and the amount of respect that Hopson shows to his audience.

Travis Hopson’s Movie Counselor must be consulted immediately by all.    

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