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Travers’ “The World’s End” Takes Risks, Is Ultimately Triumphant

In response to Peter Travers’s 362‑word review of The World's End on Rolling Stone

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Peter Travers’ “The World’s End” aims to please its audience and does so with flying colors. This review captivates its readers with an in-your-face attitude that refuses to hold back. If it’s entertainment that readers want, Travers is all too willing to satisfy.  

This review throws a convincing “badass” vibe and a rock-n-roll persona, which in a way mirrors the publication it represents. Travers calls out Hollywood and the entices the readers with his casual style of writing. This review is cool, calm and collected and is ready to ruffle a few feathers in order to intrigue the readers. In other words, this review does its job in fine fashion.

Travers acknowledges that it would be all too easy to drop spoilers in this review and is quick to make the readers aware of this fact as well. He offers the readers an experience full of intrigue that will lead them to asking themselves just what Travers will say next.

The style and finesse that is displayed in this review is of such a high caliber that it may (and it’s certainly to early to say for certain) become a cult review in the years to come. Travers’ edgy stance is a risk that he did well to take as it has resulted in this triumphant review.    

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