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Josh Terry’s “Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’ Gets Effective” Scores Low

In response to Josh Terry’s 549‑word review of Ender’s Game on Deseret News, Salt Lake City

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Moving on… That’s the theme of “Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’ gets effective big-screen treatment”, Josh Terry’s latest textual offering that just seems to “move on” from one plot point to the next with no heart or soul.

This piece begins promisingly enough. The author creates a foreboding sense that a huge storm is coming—one of intrigue, excitement and revelation. Sadly, he fails to deliver the goods. His waxing diatribe does nothing but tread water, struggling just to stay afloat. Not that this piece doesn’t achieve its objective, it just does so in a manner that is utterly joyless. Audiences will likely not be captivated long enough to follow the journey through to its conclusion.

Still, there is life here. The author does do an ample job of relaying the synopsis, and employs a transition smooth enough to make this a worthwhile read, if only to pass the time. This may have even been a pleasant read, it not been for the hype established in its opening passages.

Terry should also be commended for masterfully stepping around the plot of his subject without spoiling it. He discloses just enough information to create interest, but not so much that it eliminates the joy of doing one’s own research.

All told, this is merely a passable attempt at analytical literature. Neither critical thinking nor inspiration can be found within, suggesting that the author completed his task in half-hearted haste. Should the reader be content with rhetoric that is a hair above commentary, they may be satisfied with this offering. But to the reader who expects and deserves more, they would do well to play a different game.    

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