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Steve Persall’s “Review: ‘World’s End’ Is a Fun Brew Of” Summary and Opinion

In response to Steve Persall’s 387‑word review of The World's End on Tampa Bay Times

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Steve Persall’s “Review: ‘World’s End’ is a fun brew of sci-fi fatalism, humor” starts right off with a title that feels pertinent to the movie at hand. Persall then jumps into the meat of his well-written piece that delivers a great, reader-worthy review for The World’s End.

Persall does an excellent job of revealing the theme of The World’s End without spoiling the plot at all. He also gives just enough character and background information for the potential movie-watcher to make an informed decision about whether or not this movie is worth watching.

It’s clear that Persall recommends watching the movie, but this clarity is adequately presented in a concise manner that doesn’t over-indulge or inflate the movie’s qualities. Persall houses the film in its contextual time-frame, but thankfully, he doesn’t linger in an array of unnecessary tidbits or overwrought subjective analysis.

Persall is a skilled writer who actually understands how to utilize verbs, maintain consistent stylistic tone, and craft dynamic sentences without sounding pretentious. The font, layout, and overall presentation of the article at its Tampa Bay Times web-page is also excellent.

Overall, Persall does exactly what a reviewer is supposed to do: he provides thoughtful summary and opinion without wasting the reader’s time.    

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