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Andrew O’Hehir Has Plenty to Say in “Worst Movie Ever Made”

In response to Andrew O'Hehir’s 1602‑word review of The Counselor on

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To say that Andrew O’Hehir hates the new Cormac McCarthy-penned thriller, The Counselor, is an understatement on a par with Sir Cosmo Gordon’s words moments after surviving the sinking of the Titanic: “It was a rather serious evening, you know.”

To hear O’Hehir’s tell it in his review, “Meet the worst movie ever made”, readers would be forgiven for thinking O’Hehir had been through a more harrowing evening than Mr. Gordon himself.

Luckily, O’Hehir’s tale of survival is full of the best kinds of rants; no one will accuse him of not having firm opinions here and thank God because it’s a blast to read.

Worst Movie is caked with vitriol of the kind rarely seen in film critique; it’s “the worst movie in the history of the universe”, an “empty and meaningless mainstream atrocity” with a “tendency toward bloat and self-indulgence.”

This is delicious disdain; pitch perfect venom that earns the right, through cleverness, to be as nasty as it wants to be. O’Hehir’s deranged psychosis is bombastic and over the top, which can signal death for most reviews, but he backs it all up with sound critique so you don’t mind strapping yourself in and going for the ride.    

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