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Shaun Munro’s “Another Winner” Is Lush and Evocative

In response to Shaun Munro’s 968‑word review of Nebraska on Film School Rejects

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The best film reviews paint a picture of their subject that manages to be illuminating without giving away the plot. It’s a tricky line to straddle, but Shaun Munro straddles it expertly with “Cannes 2013 Review: ‘Nebraska” Is Another Winner From Alexander Payne.”

The review is lush and evocative, making expert use of mise-en-scene and exploring deep themes of family and existential yearning without getting mired in pedantic or pretentious philosophical ramblings. The balance that is struck is just right for a film review of Another Winner‘s ambitions.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Another Winner ambitious, either, as Munro put time and effort into making it as polished and thoughtful a review as possible. This is no slapdash attempt at fulfilling a word count requirement in order to get a paycheck. This is an auteur film review by someone who is truly emotionally invested in his work.

As a result of Munro’s emotional investment, readers are likely to have an emotional investment as well. It’s hard not to come away from the review touched by its character descriptions and ambiguous discussion of the film’s ending. For those who like their reviews a little more condensed, there is even a distillation of the film’s strengths and weaknesses as a sort of digestif following the review proper.

Those who are willing to take the time to properly explore the themes of Nebraska will find much to like about Munro’s Another Winner. It is truly a masterwork.    

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