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Bill Goodykoontz Takes a Submissive Approach in “4 Stars”

In response to Bill Goodykoontz’s 615‑word review of Nebraska on Arizona Republic

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Bill Goodykoontz takes a unique approach in the plain but effective “Nebraska, 4 stars.” The critique won’t win any awards for film criticism, but the direct style will surely find its way to the hearts of readers.

4 stars is yet another review in which the critic feels the need to use “cantankerous” and “coot.” The phenomenon is mind-boggling, and one may be led to believe that critics are relying on other reviews for their foundation. How can one character be continuously described with the same two words?

The actual analysis of Bruce Dern’s Woody is quite weak in 4 stars, but the overall commentary gets the basic point across. The critic takes a blunt approach, and gently pleads with the reader to see the film. The tone is somewhat submissive as Goodykoontz seems to believe there is no way to properly convince the reader to see the film. The review connoisseur may be highly offended, and the lack of character analysis certainly doesn’t help Goodykoontz.

4 stars is a highly generic review that relies heavily on plot summary to make a point to the reader. Goodykoontz seems to be content with the hope that one will simply want to see the film, rather than offering a comprehensive take that thoroughly breaks down the plot. However, by directly insisting that the reader see the film in the beginning statements, the rest of the work comes together in an oddly strange and boring way.

Bill Goodykoontz has a mild victory with 4 stars, but let’s hope the submissive technique doesn’t continue.    

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