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John Larsen’s “Wall Street” Will Have More Buyers Than Sellers

In response to Josh Larsen’s 537‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on LarsenOnFilm

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Larson Lovers rejoice! Your beloved Josh Larsen is back and he’s got a bold point of view on the new Martin Scorsese film with his review “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

This is Larsen at his best. There’s something here that seems to be the missing ingredient in some of his more lackluster reviews: he’s got a chip on his shoulder. This virulence is a rising tide that lifts the entire work; the prose is more on point, the criticisms are sharper, and even the cadence feels zippier.  

Larsen’s writing, which has been hit or miss in previous efforts, is on point here. He strikes a vitriolic tone from the get-go and doesn’t let up until closing bell, even managing to amp up the tension from paragraph to paragraph.

Larsen is fired up and his passion is especially palpable in the critiques—they’re not treated as requisite set pieces (robot voice: must. talk. about. acting. now.), but rather they flow naturally out of his fervor.  

It’s not all wine and roses, though. Larsen is upset with the film’s moral stance—this is fine—but, in all his zeal, he harps on it too much and the argument becomes repetitive.  

It’s a small gripe and it’s not enough to keep this one from the must-read category.    

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