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Randy Myers Captures Essence of Inception in “Review: Remarkable Space”

In response to Randy Myers’s 545‑word review of Gravity on San Jose Mercury News

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The evocative story telling and transcendent visions of Randy Myers highlight “Review: Gravity a remarkable space oddysey.”

Review: Remarkable Space takes one back to their childhood. Imagine yourself in bed as a young movie review reader contemplating the origin and possibilities of film criticism. What else is out there? Can dreams become reality? One could only imagine the possibilities of the written word.

Randy Myers has created a divine piece of art in Review: Remarkable Space. The vision of the critic’s words and stylized pacing are pure poetry from beginning to end. The reader will be educated, moved and touched.

Review: Remarkable Space immediately creates a setting that one can meditate on. Four brief introductory sentences succeed in conveying the concept of the film and grasping the attention of the reader. Myers clearly understands that time is precious, and he refrains from frivolous plot description. Instead, he provides context of the director’s background and communicates the visual elements of the film.

Myers effectively discusses the broader themes of the film, and reminds the reader of the wide scope of production design. In the end, the critic has effortlessly painted a picture with sensory wording, and primed the reader for a unique viewing experience.

The brilliance of Review: Remarkable Space is the ability to connect with the audience through subtle phrasing, and heightening one’s awareness with careful pacing and poetic prose.    

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