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Bibbiani’s “Review: Escape Plan” Is Convincing but Sloppy

In response to William Bibbiani’s 830‑word review of Escape Plan on CraveOnline

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A cringe-inducing attempt at a neologism (“breakoutability”) and some typographical errors mar an otherwise quality review in William Bibbiani’s “Review: Escape Plan.”

The review is a clever and effective takedown of Escape Plan, attacking its flaws as an action movie without necessarily holding it to the standards of more high-minded cinema. This is important, as a failure to make the distinction can make a review seem more condescending than critical.

Bibbiani escapes that trap, however. He gives praise where praise is due, giving a nod to the film’s pacing and the charisma of its leading men. These are both factors that tend to be especially important in action movies.

He also finds fault with the plausibility of the plot, but only inasmuch as it goes completely outside the realm of believably. This is after all, first and foremost an excuse to see two muscle-bound leading men kick a whole bunch of ass. Thinking about the plot too much is unwise, but suspension of disbelief will only get a person so far.

Bibbiani is wise to recognize all that, and to put it to effective use in his criticism. It’s too bad he didn’t spend a little more time on the finer details of his own prose, though, as his carelessness is a detriment to a review that could have otherwise been a contender.    

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